Knowing the story of our past, makes the present more clear - giving greater understanding in how to solve the challenges of the future.

Diana Marie Dams

UX Designer Researcher & Digital Archaeologist

As a UX Researcher and Designer, who is pursuing a master’s degree of Classical Archaeology – I have always been interested in human behaviors in different cultures, times and places. The more I learn, the more I realize that what drove human existence 5,000 years ago really isn’t so different from what drives us today.

Studying social sciences, provides an attempt to understand the intricacies of international relationships, historical politics, human dynamics – and ultimately, the varying qualities of life for people around the world. My curiosity for human understanding developed a new lens with which to see through.

Creativity has always been something that I have enjoyed and explored.

As a creative problem solver with a flair for design – I know what I like, and if it doesn’t exist yet – I make it.

Alongside this creative impulse is the driving force – curiosity. The curiosity stems from a realization that I could have been born anyone, anywhere, anytime – prompting a desire to know the world – and all the people, cultures, and histories within it.

Since most of my adult experience has been living, working and learning abroad, I learned that in order to survive, it requires a lot of listening, observation, patience, and persistence. I realized that like any human in any place or time, the only way for successful survival is to figure out how to adapt. And the only way to adapt is to figure out what makes your surroundings tick.

As a designer, I embrace solving problems with a results-oriented approach hidden in visually appealing designs and meaningful products. As a Classical Archaeology student, I am motivated in understanding the shared human behaviors of our ancient past, how it got us to today, and how it leads us into the future.

Human-centered designs for the future drive me forward.